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"Available for sale: Canadian Admiral CCD-100-10A"
R-Metrics has the Canadian Admiral CCD-100-10A s ... more

R-Metrics Ltd. manufactures, sells, repairs and calibrates radiation survey meters. Licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), we perform calibrations on most makes and models of radiation survey meters, dosimeters and related personal radiation alarms & protection equipment.

We are also licensed and equipped to evaluate sealed source wipe test samples.

R-Metrics Ltd. is committed to providing quick service, quality work and competitive pricing, servicing customers across Canada and the United States from our headquarters in Ontario.

Survery meters from some of the following manufacturers: Anton, Arrow Tech, Automess, Bendix, Berthold, Bicron, Biodex, Canadian Admiral, Canberra, Radalert, Digilert, Dosimeter Corporation, Eberline, Exploranium (SAIC), Innovision, Inspectech, Isotrack, Ludlum, NDS Products, Q NDE, Rados, Raydex, R-Metrics, Russel Rad Alarm, S.E. International, Sentinel, Sper, Stephen, Technical Associates, Thermo (Thermo Eberline), Thermo Measure, Troxalert, Victoreen, William B. Johnson
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