About R-Metrics Ltd.

R-Metrics Ltd. manufactures, sells, repairs and calibrates radiation survey meters.

We are licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to perform calibrations on radiation survey meters and related personal radiation protection equipment (standard R-117), as well as to test sealed source wipe test samples (standard R-116).

We calibrate most makes and models of radiation survey meters, dosimeters and personal radiation alarms.

Some of our customers include:

R-Metrics Ltd. is committed to providing quick service and quality work with competitive pricing. Based in Ontario, we service customers across Canada and the United States.

Our History

R-Metrics Ltd. was started in 1980 by Ron Maskell and Ron Stopelli. The company was formed after Canadian Admiral Corporation shut down their survey meter / radiation detection department near the end of the cold war. Ron Stopelli was an electronics engineer who managed the survey meter / radiation detection department for Canadian Admiral when the division shut down and moved its operations to the US. Ron Maskell and Ron Stopelli acquired the assets and rights from Canadian Admiral and formed R-Metrics Ltd., continuing to manufacture survey meters and radiation detection equipment for many industries including the military and Nuclear power plants. There were a variety of custom built systems manufactured for the military as well as Ontario Hydro.

Eventually, R-Metrics Ltd. was sold to Stan Cathcart who operated it until retiring and selling the business to the present owner and operator, Steve Gilbert.

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