Sealed Source Wipe Test Procedure

Wipe Instructions
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If wipe test procedures are available from the device manufacturer, follow them carefully. Otherwise, the general wipe test procedure below can be used as a guide.

General wipe test procedure

  1. The wipe test should only be performed by a person who knows the source, the source containment and the requirements of the appropriate CNSC regulations.
  2. The sampler should be wearing a personal dosimeter, either film, TLD or pad type.
  3. Do not handle wipes with bare hands - use tongs, gloves or both.
  4. The wipe should be moistened with alcohol or soapy water to ensure that any contamination will adhere to the paper.
  5. Generally, for any one source or device, wipe samples should be taken at the exit port, transport system, seams, windows, or any other accessory that may come into contact with the source.
  6. Care should be taken around fragile areas such as windows or protective covers.
  7. The wipes should be placed in the individual envelopes provided and the envelope sealed with a piece of tape. The number of the wipe should be indicated on the envelope and the wipe test sample form, along with the wipe location.

Enclose wipe sample(s) in the envelope provided and return to R-Metrics Ltd. immediately by Courier for analysis.

Note: It is prohibited to send by mail.

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